What to Do on Vacation in Zinnowitz on Usedom

When you’re not enjoying a spa holiday, what can you do in Zinnowitz, a semi-urban city in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, northern Germany? This Baltic Sea island town has several things to offer vacationers. Visitors can enjoy Amber baths, Bicycling holidays, Imperial spas, and more. Read on to find out what to do while on vacation in Zinnowitz.

Amber baths

When on vacation in Zinnowitz, you can indulge in one of the Amber Therme spa’s heated seawater. You can also indulge in the sauna, sea water swimming pool, and cinema. These spas are particularly popular during harsh winters. Amber Therme is located in the hotel Baltic, which is only 1.5 km away. Besides, you can take lessons in sailing, windsurfing, and other water sports.

If you’re planning a trip to the Baltic region, make sure to take a trip to Zinnowitz. The town is situated on the northwest corner of Usedom Island, and is only twelve kilometers from the mainland town of Wolgast. The town is characterized by seaside resort architecture and tourism. It is also home to a 1,300-seat theatre, concert shell, and promenade.

Bicycling holiday in zinnowitz

If you’re looking for a cycling holiday with a view, try a cycling holiday in Zinnowitz on Usedom. It’s an island resort with a relaxed atmosphere and a pristine coastline. You can cycle along the beach and admire the majestic scenery while you watch the waves roll in. You can also visit nearby towns such as Wolgast, which has a mix of tradition and modernity. You can see charming facades of historic town houses in the old quarter. You can also visit St. Peter’s Church and the baroque town hall, which are both special buildings.

For your biking holiday in Zinnowitz on Usedom, consider renting a bike and exploring the countryside. There are 657 cycle routes in the region. Most of them are flat, and most cyclists opt for these routes in July and August. You can also go on a boat tour around the island. The boat leaves at 6.30 pm, so you can enjoy the views from your bike. The ferry trip back to Usedom is an option for those who wish to explore the city on foot.

Imperial spas

After reunification, the town’s tourism marketers renamed its “baths of the working class” to the imperial spas. The town’s “Heringsdorf” was the site of the 1922 visit of Russian writer Maxim Gorki. The town established a museum in his honor during GDR days, but today the building is home to the cultural life of Kaiserbader. Bansin was the birthplace of Hans-Werner Richter, a literary auteur and the spiritus rector of the famous Group 47 literary meeting. His autobiobiographical novel Spuren im Sand is still the only remaining work in its original form.

The town of Zinnowitz is a picturesque seaside resort that is located north of the sunny island of Usedom. Visitors can relax on the beautiful beach, which stretches into Poland. The town boasts several imperial spas, including Imperial Spas. A promenade invites evening strolls. The hotel’s spa architecture is beautiful and inviting. The spa’s beach is also the most popular spot.

Seaside resort

A 705-year-old spa town, Zinnowitz is one of the most beautiful baltic seaside resorts on the Baltic coast. Built at the beginning of the twentieth century, the many hotels in this charming town have been beautifully restored. Set on the narrowest part of the island of Usedom, the town is surrounded by beech and oak forests. Zinnowitz’s white-sand beach is three kilometers long and 40 meters wide.

In addition to its sandy beaches, Zinnowitz has plenty of attractions to keep visitors entertained. Some of the best are the Tauchgondel Zinnowitz, Port Royal Bootsverleih, Cocktailbar La Conga, and Bernsteintherme. A variety of restaurants, bars, and shops make visiting this town a memorable experience. The average hotel price in Zinnowitz is 116 USD, so you can easily find a bargain when staying in a Zinnowitz hotel.