The Full Moon Party, or what most people call the “Moon,” is one of the most famous parties in the world. It’s a huge event that takes place on Koh Phangan, Thailand every month. The party usually starts on the night of a full moon and ends when the sun comes up. This means that you’ll want to plan your trip around this date depending on how long you want to stay at the party itself. With so many other things to do in Thailand besides partying all night at an island beach club, it might be tempting to pass up this opportunity for something else…but don’t! This guide will give you everything you need to know before going so that you can have an awesome time without getting overwhelmed by crowds or dramas (both literal and figurative).

What is the Full Moon Party?

The Full Moon Party is held on the beach.

It starts in the evening.

And it’s held on the full moon day or night.

When is the Full Moon Party?

It’s important to note that the Full Moon Party is held every month, but it takes place on a different day of the month each time. For example, if you attend in January, it will be held on January 31; if you attend in March, it will be held on March 31. You can check out the current dates for upcoming Full Moon Parties at the beginning of each month by going to [the website]( or by visiting any tour agency in Tonsai Bay (which we’ll talk about soon).

Where is the Full Moon Party?

The Full Moon Party is definitely one of the most popular things to do on Koh Phangan. But it’s not as simple as just showing up at the beach and partying—you have to know where you are going.

The first thing that you need to know is that the Full Moon Party happens on Haad Rin Beach, which is located in northern Koh Phangan. This may seem like a no-brainer, but there are actually several other beaches on the island with names similar to Haad Rin Beach, so if someone tells you they’re going “to Haad Rin,” make sure they’re talking about this particular one!

Haad Rin Beach is in southern Thailand along an area known as “the Gulf of Thailand” (also called “the Andaman Sea”). It’s about 25 kilometers away from Koh Samui and another 5 kilometers from Koh Tao.

Why should you go to the Full Moon Party?

There are many reasons to go to the Full Moon Party. The most obvious reason is the party atmosphere. The Full Moon Party is a place where you can go wild, let loose and release all your inner inhibitions because there will be other people around you doing the same thing. It’s like being in an orgy with thousands of strangers, only it’s not an orgy and there are no sexual overtones at all (unless you’re into that).

Another reason why you should attend this event is because of the music on offer. You’ll hear some great house music played by some of Thailand’s finest DJs. Imagine being able to dance with tens of thousands of people under the light of a full moon; now that sounds like a good time!

If those two reasons aren’t enough for you then maybe something else will convince you: the exotic location (Thailand), good food, and great people!

What do you need to know before and during your visit to Koh Phangan?

You’ll want to be aware of the local customs and laws before you visit. In particular, if you’re planning on staying in Koh Phangan for longer than a few days, it’s a good idea to book yourself into a hotel or hostel. This way, you know that your accommodation will be clean and safe—and won’t cost too much money!

You should also know the local laws and customs before visiting Koh Phangan because this will help keep you out of trouble when you’re there. It’s important to remember that drug use is illegal in Thailand, so if you plan on taking any drugs during your trip then it would be best not do so at all (or else risk being arrested).

Where should you stay in Koh Phangan?

As you can see, there are many different options when choosing where to stay on Koh Phangan. The best way to decide which type of accommodation is right for you is to think about what’s most important. Do you want a rustic experience? A luxurious one? Or something in between? Once you have a better understanding of what your priorities are, it will be much easier to narrow down your options and find the perfect place for your trip.

What should you do in Thailand besides the Full Moon party?

Now that you’ve got a handle on what to expect from the Full Moon party, it’s time to consider the best things to do in Thailand aside from going to this legendary event.

There are countless activities you can take part in while visiting Southeast Asia. From temples and markets, to beaches and nightlife—there are endless choices! Let’s take a look at some of them.

Thailand has hundreds of islands that offer some of the most stunning landscapes around. There are plenty of opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving as well as hiking through mountains or forests full of wildlife. If you want something less adventurous but still interesting, there are several national parks where visitors can go birdwatching or cycle through lush greenery without having any strenuous physical activity involved (although we wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting more).

For those who enjoy shopping as much as partying at nightclubs during their vacations: Bangkok is one of the biggest shopping destinations not only in Thailand but also all over Asia! You’ll find everything from street markets selling souvenirs like t-shirts printed with cute phrases like “I love Thailand” written all over them; clothes shops that sell high-quality products made by local designers; beautiful jewelry made out of gold n silver n semi-precious stones such as rubies sapphires emeralds etc…

The Full Moon party is an experience of a lifetime.

The full moon party is an experience of a lifetime. It’s not just about the music, although I think that alone should be enough reason for you to go. It’s about experiencing something completely new and different from what you’re used to.

Yes, it can get overwhelming at times, as any big party would be. But if you take this into consideration beforehand and plan accordingly (don’t drink too much alcohol), then there shouldn’t be any problems at all!


We hope you have found this guide useful and that it has answered some of your questions. We would highly recommend that you visit the Full Moon Party at least once in your life, but if possible make it an annual tradition!