The Most Beautiful Beaches on Usedom

If you want to enjoy a traditional spa resort feel combined with nature, then you should try Usedom! You will find 42 kilometers of fine white sandy beaches, beautiful natural landscapes and a network of footpaths and cycle paths covering several hundred kilometers. If you are planning to visit the region, don’t forget to include the most beautiful beaches on your list! Here are some of the most picturesque beaches in Usedom:


Ahlbeck is one of the most beautiful and family-friendly beaches on Usedom, with its seventy-metre-wide beach, a calm, shallow water entry and space to build a huge sand castle. You can also find DLRG lifeguards on many sections of the beach to provide additional safety and protection. The area is also home to several golf courses and three castles, and many outdoor activities are available.

Ahlbeck is also home to a butterfly farm, the Wildlife Usedom, and a unique upside-down house. If you love nature, you might also enjoy a visit to the Heimatmuseum in Zinnowitz, where you can learn about the unique history of the region’s natural resources and flora. Ahlbeck is also home to the Usedom Sand Sculpture Exhibition, located at the border crossing parking lot. It features enormous sand sculptures, including a sand volcano.


The usedom coast is known for its sandy beaches. The city also has several nature reserves. The nearby Osteseebader Karlshagen is famous for its resort architecture, and the beach at Trassenheide is particularly beautiful. The area is also home to the nature center Karlshagen, which informs visitors about the local nature. There’s also a theater in Zinnowitz, and the town hosts the annual Vineta Festival. The Zinnowitzer Promenade Hall offers a children’s adventure park and a 5-D cinema, and restaurants are located there. There are also movable domes where tourists can view the panoramic view of the surrounding area.

During the summer, many people visit the island for its lovely beaches. The longest beach in Usedom stretches from Peenemunde in the north to the Polish Swinemunde in the east. Bathing is extremely popular here. You can enjoy this stunning beach at Trassenheide, the largest butterfly farm in Europe, as well as the diving bell at Zinnowitz Pier. Throughout the year, there are numerous activities and events taking place in this beautiful area.


The island of Usedom is a popular summer resort in the Baltic Sea. It is 30 miles long, straddling the German-Polish border. It is sometimes referred to as “Berlin’s bathtub” because of its close association with the city. During its golden age, it was a hotspot for the aristocracy, with two German emperors being regular visitors. They would spend their summers there, strolling on the promenade and changing into new outfits at least twice a day.

The island is dotted with Kaiserbader (imperial spas) and beautiful beaches. The north-east is dominated by a 40-km-long stretch of fine Baltic Sea beach, while the south-east is hilly and has several peninsulas. Golm, with its 69-metre-high peak, is the highest point on the island. The island’s entire landscape has been declared a nature park. Other areas of interest include great lakes, green beech forests, and different marshes.

Wilhelminian Pier

The picturesque Usedom Island in the Baltic Sea is home to one of the best beach volleyball tournaments in the world. The island is also home to the three former imperial summer residences of the German monarchy. The island also boasts plenty to do besides enjoying the beaches. Visitors to Usedom should take a look at the three historic castles and the Viking village of Jomsborg, which hosts annual events such as a German-Slavic Viking festival.

Many Berliners love to visit Usedom during the weekend. It’s a two-and-a-half-hour journey by train, with a change at Zussow. Regardless of your preferred method of transportation, Usedom is a welcoming destination for visitors of all ages. A wide range of accommodations are available on the island, with many five-star spa hotels set in secluded grounds.

St. Peter-Ording

In the north-eastern part of Germany, Sankt Peter-Ording is a popular seaside resort. This resort is near the Danish border. The area offers a relaxing, beautiful beach. A tidal beach, tidal waves, and backward waves are therapeutic for surfers. Usedom is also home to many thermal spas and horseback riding activities.

The town is known for its sulphur springs, which may not have healing properties. In fact, it is the only German beach with this particular natural mineral. Many health spas and wellness centres are located in the town. Besides the natural hot springs, St. Peter-Ording also has some of the best waves in the country. And if you’re looking for a fun way to relax, you can try kite surfing or even take a horseback ride.