How to Visit Malta on a Budget


Traveling on a budget is not impossible. There are many ways to visit Malta on a limited budget. You can get cheap flights to Malta and find cheap accommodation in Sliema. There are also cheap ways to eat and drink in Gozo and Comino. By using these tips, you will be able to see and enjoy the island of Malta without breaking your budget. Keep reading to learn how to visit Malta on a budget!

Cheap flights to Malta

If you are looking for cheap flights to Malta, you can do so using several options. One way is to go on a budget airline and fly one-way. Another way is to look for a flight that offers a combination of cheap airline tickets and great value for money. In any case, it is crucial to take the time to compare prices of several airlines before making a final decision. Hopefully, you’ll find some cheap flights to Malta that fit within your budget.

The main airport for flights to Malta is the Malta International Airport, which is located just outside of the capital city of Valletta. Taxis and buses are readily available and there is a dedicated shuttle bus service from the airport to various hotels across the island. Alternatively, you can hire a car from the terminal at the airport. If you plan on exploring the island on your own, a good option for your budget flight is to choose a flight with a stopover in a major European city. If you’re traveling on a tight budget, you may want to find a flight that has a stopover in a city such as Madrid, Lisbon, or Paris.

There are many different festivals and celebrations throughout the year in Malta. Maltese people know how to party, and tourists are sure to be impressed with their festive spirit. During Christmas, you’ll find beautifully choreographed processions. And during carnival, you’ll find multi-colored lights. If you’re traveling with children, remember to bring car seats and safety belts – they are required by law. Sometimes, these items are not included in the price of the ticket, so it’s worth calling ahead and asking about them.

Cheap accommodation in Sliema

One way to find cheap accommodation in Sliema is by staying at a family hotel. This hotel is located near shops, restaurants and supermarkets and offers rooms with sea views. There are also several extras, such as a mini-fridge and a hairdryer, in addition to the usual hotel amenities. It is important to note, however, that some of the rooms don’t have welcome water bottles, which we would have liked to have seen. Otherwise, the rooms are clean and functional. The hotel also makes sure to change the sheets and towels each day.

Another good option for cheap accommodation in Sliema when visiting Malta is a guesthouse. The Sliema Marina Hotel is a mid-range option, which offers a rooftop breakfast room and a hydrotherapy pool. Its rooms are air-conditioned, have TVs and free WiFi. There are also some hostels in the area, which offer accommodation for PS20 or less. These places are also close to the beach and are ideal for solo travelers who want to be close to all of the action.

You can also stay at a three-star venue in Sliema. The Roma Hotel is a 750-foot walk from the downtown area and costs 30US$ per night. Alternatively, you can stay at the Europa Hotel, which is a 5-minute walk away from the center and costs 101US$ per night. Accommodation in Sliema is more affordable than elsewhere in Malta, so you can stay in a hotel and still be close to the action without breaking the bank.

The Sliema area is home to many luxury hotels and a range of low-cost places to stay. The Sliema Bay Hotel is one of the most popular in the area, but there are many options for those on a budget. There are also a number of budget options in Sliema, including the Sprachcaffe International and The St George Park Hotel.

Cheap food in Gozo

The Maltese cuisine is a mixture of Mediterranean, African, and Middle Eastern influences. The price range is low; an Indian meal can run you as little as $6 USD. You can also find Indian and Asian restaurants with reasonable prices. If you prefer a home-cooked meal, there are plenty of supermarkets and minimarkets dotted around the island. You can also take advantage of the many 2-for-one deals to cut the cost of eating out.

If you prefer to stay in a private room, Airbnb is a great option. Prices vary with the season, but a single room can run as low as EUR40. Airbnb lets you experience Maltese hospitality while saving money. While the prices are low, you may want to consider the location before booking. If you plan to stay in the country, you can use the buses and taxis to get around.

The public transport in Malta is good, and the ferry service is inexpensive. The ferry between Malta and Gozo costs about $520 USD for a round-trip ticket. However, there are some areas that are better off without public transportation. If you’re a frequent user of the buses, consider buying a Tallinja Card, which allows you to travel on buses to all major destinations for 21 EUR.

In the past, Malta was an exclusive destination for all-inclusive resorts, but with its year-round good weather and cheap prices, traditional holidaymakers would pay top dollar for the privilege. Today, however, a growing number of budget-conscious travellers are flocking to Malta, and the island’s restaurants have lowered their prices. If you want to visit Malta on a budget, you should be prepared to make your own food and eat it in your accommodation. Besides eating locally-grown produce, you can enjoy inexpensive drinks and eat them out at any of the many cafés and restaurants.

Cheap drinks in Comino

If you’re planning a family vacation to Comino, Malta, you’ll be happy to find some cheap drinks. This island is relatively car-free and only has one hotel. The summer months are very hot, so take advantage of the Blue Lagoon on the island’s west side. You can also swim in the pristine water of the Blue Lagoon, a popular beach on the island.

If you’re in the mood for a cheap beer and a little Maltese souvenirs, Hole in the Wall is the place for you. This historic bar in St. Julian’s was turned into a functional bar in 1922. In addition to beer, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious pastries and snacks at this place, which also serves delicious Italian food. The bar also serves coffee and strong IPAs, so you can stay hydrated while you’re on vacation in Comino.

Comino is located between Malta and Gozo. You can reach it by boat from Buggiba, St Paul’s Bay, Cirkewwa, or Marfa. It is about 15 kilometers from the capital Valletta. There are several pubs and clubs in Comino that serve cheap drinks. You can also explore the island’s Blue Lagoon on foot. For more information on cheap drinks in Comino, Malta, visit our website!

If you are looking for a great way to enjoy the nightlife of Comino, Malta, don’t hesitate to check out the island’s local bars and pubs. The island’s quaint atmosphere makes it a perfect place to spend an afternoon or evening. Just remember to take your wallet along for the ride! While Comino may be small in size, it’s a great place for a night on the town.

Save money by cooking at home

When visiting Malta, cooking in your own kitchen can be a great way to save money. Many tourist attractions are very expensive, and most hotels are not cheap. Fortunately, you can cook at home for less than EUR50 per day, and you can enjoy home-cooked meals. Also, by cooking your own food, you won’t have to spend as much money on food and drink as you would on eating out.

Food in Malta is cheap and plentiful, and you can find some tasty, healthy, and cheap dishes. There are a variety of restaurants and supermarkets to choose from, but if you want to save even more money, you can also buy some items from the local grocery store. Most local shops sell seasonable fruits and vegetables, so you’ll be sure to find some delicious, low-cost treats in the market.

The cost of living in Malta is lower than many European countries, which makes it an affordable place to visit. Drinking water in Malta is safe, so you don’t have to worry about buying bottled water. Many residents spend a small amount of money on bottled water, but you can also get your hands on bottled water for less than $2.50 a bottle. Cooking at home will help you save a lot of money, which can be put towards your travel expenses.

The average cost of one day in Malta is $231, and the average cost for meals is $39. Transportation to and from the airport is another $20. A week’s worth of food and drinks in Malta will cost you as little as PS350. This budget will cover the cost of excursions and activities. However, it’s important to consider the type of accommodation you’ll be staying in. The average price for accommodation in Malta is around EUR350, so cooking at home when you can will save you even more money.