Vacation is a time to relax and rejuvenate, but you should try not to miss any opportunity to make new friends or discover something new. Try some of these tips for being interesting while traveling:

Try to make a friend at the hotel or hostel you are staying at.

You can also try making a friend at your hotel or hostel. The staff will be happy to help you if they like you, and they’re often very knowledgeable about the area. They may even know of some activities that are worth checking out, like museums or restaurants in town.

If you do decide to stay at an Airbnb for part of your trip, look for hosts who are outgoing and friendly! Make sure that both parties feel comfortable before signing on the dotted line so no one feels embarrassed by their awkwardness later on (or worse: gets robbed).

Go to a market.

Markets are fun to explore. There’s so much to see! You can learn about local foods, meet new people, and even hear stories about the area you’re visiting. If there isn’t a market close to your destination, try looking for one online in advance so that when you arrive at your destination it will be easy for everyone on the trip to find something interesting nearby (and delicious!).

Choose different routes.

When you travel, it’s important to try and avoid the same route every time. If you’re in a new country and want to see some of its sights, there are many ways that can work out well:

  • Use public transportation if possible. This is especially true if you’re trying out some new cultures or visiting areas where public transportation isn’t as common as in your own country. It will also give you a chance to get off the beaten path and explore an area that might not be on most tourists’ itineraries!
  • Travel during off-peak hours when traffic is lightest (and therefore less dangerous) for both drivers and pedestrians alike!

Go see something unexpected.

  • Visit a museum.
  • Visit a local market.
  • Visit a street fair or botanical garden (especially if you’re on the East Coast).

Ask locals where they like to eat or go out.

The next time you’re in a new city, don’t be afraid to ask locals where they like to go out or eat. This can be as simple as asking a person at your hotel or hostel for recommendations for local restaurants and bars. You could even try asking a local who comes into the shop where you work if there are any nice places nearby that they would recommend.

It’s also important to remember that just because someone may not speak English, doesn’t mean they don’t understand what’s going on! Maybe they have family members who live abroad and know some great spots in another country (or continent).

Take a cooking class.

Cooking classes are a great way to learn about local cuisine, as well as other cultures. They can also be a lot of fun, and you’ll make new friends with other people in the class.

  • Take a cooking class: There are plenty of places that offer classes on everything from Thai food to Italian dishes, so there’s bound to be one near where you’re staying! When searching online or looking at brochures at your hotel lobby desk, look for “cooking” in the name of the merchant who’s offering this service.

Try new things while on vacation!

One of the best things you can do while traveling is to try new things. This is especially true when it comes to food, as there are so many delicious options available that you may have never tried before! You can always ask locals or your host for recommendations on what to eat.

There are also plenty of places where we all go during our travels: restaurants and bars where other travelers hang out after work or school; parks where people spend time relaxing together; even libraries! If you’re not sure where else to go in your new city, just ask around at any place that has Wi-Fi access (like Starbucks).


I hope these tips have given you some ideas for how to be more interesting while traveling. Whether it be by going out with friends or trying new things, always keep an eye out for things that interest you and try to incorporate them into your trip as much as possible!