One of my favorite things to do is travel. I’ve visited a lot of amazing cities and countries, but nothing compares to my road trip across the United States. I started in New York City, went through Chicago, drove down Route 66 and into Texas, then came back up through Colorado before finally ending up in Seattle—it was an incredible journey that spanned over 6,000 miles! Along the way, I discovered some amazing places to eat: cafes serving beignets and French fries with maple syrup; bagels so fresh they’re still warm when you buy them; smoothies made with tropical fruit; tacos piled high with guacamole slathered in sour cream and cheese; pizza topped with anything from pepperoni or sausage to alligator meat…and much more!

Cafe Beignet, New Orleans

Cafe Beignet, New Orleans

Located in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Cafe Beignet is a truly classic restaurant. It’s open 24 hours a day and serves classic beignets (a type of fried dough that tastes like heaven on earth), coffee and other drinks. The atmosphere at this place is unrivaled—it’s exactly what you’d expect from a New Orleans establishment: there are bright lights, dark corners and lots of jazz music playing in the background. The only thing that could make it better would be some live piano music!

Al’s French Frys, Burlington, Vermont

Al’s French Frys is a Vermont institution. It’s a restaurant in a gas station, and it’s open 24 hours. What more could you ask for? The food is delicious—you’ll want to try everything on the menu! It’s also a local favorite; many people come here at least once during their time in Burlington. You’ll have to get there early if you want to beat the crowds, though—especially on weekends when everyone wants to eat breakfast together before heading off to work or school.

I ordered scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon, which came with hash browns on the side (and was amazing). If that doesn’t sound like something your tummy would enjoy this morning—or any morning—try one of their other dishes like pancakes or waffles instead! They serve all meals until 2pm daily so there’s plenty of time left before dinner rolls around again later tonight after we’ve spent some time exploring downtown Burlington together (which I highly recommend).

Fairmount Bagel Shop, Montreal

The Fairmount Bagel Shop in Montréal is a quaint bagel shop that serves up some of the best bagels in the country. Located on Fairmount Street, this restaurant has been featured on several TV shows and has become a go-to breakfast spot for locals and tourists alike.

The Fairmount Bagel Shop opens at 7am every day and closes around 5pm, with no break during lunchtime (which makes sense because who wants to take a break when you’re eating carbs?). The place is small and very busy—the line starts forming at 6:30am! If you want to eat here, be sure to get there early or just wait until they reopen again at 4pm.

As far as what makes this place unique goes… well… it’s not much different from any other Montreal bagel shop! Their menu offers nothing special; they have all the classics like scrambled eggs with cheese or bacon, smoked salmon sandwiches on pumpernickel bread (my favorite), tuna salad wraps with feta cheese… pretty much all your favorite breakfast foods plus some bagels. You could also go for breakfast soup if you’re feeling adventurous—it’s basically chicken noodle soup but made with matzo balls instead of noodles!

If you’re looking for something healthy though… stay away from anything involving meat or dairy products since most places in Canada don’t use high quality ingredients due to cost concerns (speaking from experience). If you’re looking for something sweet though then definitely try one of their homemade cookies or scones because those are amazing!

The Brown Bottle, Appleton, Wisconsin

The Brown Bottle, Appleton, Wisconsin

Located in Appleton’s downtown area, The Brown Bottle is a great place to stop for breakfast or lunch. The restaurant is decorated with several large paintings of bottles and glasses which gives it an artsy vibe. The menu has your standard American breakfast fare like pancakes and french toast but also offers more creative options such as their famous chicken fried steak sandwich. Their drink menu has both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including Bloody Marys, mimosas, and other brunch favorites like strawberry screwdrivers.

The Brown Bottle serves breakfast until 11am daily so if you’re looking for someplace casual then this would be my suggestion!

El Palacio de los Jugos, Miami

El Palacio de los Jugos is a Venezuelan restaurant located on Calle Ocho in Miami, Florida. It’s a small place that only has about ten tables, but it’s worth the wait for a table. The food is incredible! They have sandwiches and empanadas too, but their real specialty is juices: they have over 50 different kinds! I tried the mango juice which was delicious and very sweet—it was so good I couldn’t stop drinking it! They also make their own ginger beer which is pretty good if you like ginger ale or beer with lime juice instead of limeade (although they do have lemonade too).

The service at El Palacio de los Jugos was fantastic; our waitress was very friendly and helpful when we asked her questions about what foods were best paired together (we ended up getting tacos because of this advice). My only complaint about this restaurant would be its location–it’s not easy to find parking nearby because most places around here are busy businesses like restaurants or bars–but once you get inside there isn’t really anywhere else nearby except maybe some houses across the street from where your car would be parked on Calle Ocho.

Subs N More, Bridgton, Maine

This small restaurant in Bridgton, Maine is open all year round. It’s the perfect spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The staff are friendly and the food delicious!

These restaurants serve delicious and unique food.

These restaurants serve delicious and unique food. They are great places to eat, whether you are a tourist or live nearby. If you are in the area, these restaurants should definitely be on your list of places to visit.